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Majestic Theater

The Loew’s Majestic Theatre opened on November 4, 1922 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It was designed by architect Thomas W. Lamb. The lobby area is decorated with a large stained glass mural, but is currently covered with plywood to protect it from damage. Driving by you would hardly recognize the extravagance that this place once displayed.[1]

When the theater was first built, it was the largest theater in the state of Connecticut and hosted a string of renowned entertainers. The theater  has seating for 2,200 with an impressive 1920’s styling. The theater eventually closed in 1971 and has been sitting vacant since

Today, the Majestic theater auditorium sits unused and is a storage space for a company in Bridgeport.  The city of Bridgeport is seeking proposals to restore the theater to use.[2]



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