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I’m Joel. I am an outgoing, skilled, hardworking and personable photographer, videographer and documentary filmmaker. I love working with people to help share their stories.

I photograph events, people, places, record drone footage and more. Filmmaking and photography are my passion and I’d like to share that with you.

When you hire me, I provide everything from the photography and video footage to the processing, editing and printing, guaranteeing quality control from beginning to end. I offer affordable photography/ videography services and am working harder every day to improve my work and expand my business

For personal work, I produce documentary projects and photograph the places I travel as well as many abandoned buildings. I became interested in documentary work and photography in 2016 when I made my first documentary about the Essex County Hospital Center in Cedar Grove, NJ. The hospital, a defunct psychiatric center, that was demolished soon after I began my project in 2016. This furthered my interest in abandoned and historic places and now I travel the world to see these forgotten spaces.

Today I work as a real estate photographer, using the skills I learned while photographing abandoned buildings over the past few years.

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