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Creedmoor Psychiatric Center

In 1912, the Farm Colony of Brooklyn State Hospital was opened, with 32 patients, at Creedmoor by the Lunacy Commission of New York State. The hospital population increased and by 1918, the facility housed 150 patients. [1] In 1922, the hospital
allocated funds to build patient housing, a powerhouse, kitchen and dining room. By 1926, Buildings 73 and 74 completed. Throughout the years, the hospital grew in the number of patients and in size of its facilities, with new buildings being constructed to accommodate the influx of new patients.[2] By 1959 it housed 7,000 patients.

In the early 1960s, the hospital began to decline in patients population. With the introduction of new kinds of care, new medication, along with deinstitutionalization, places like this were starting to shut down.

By 2006, some parts of Creedmoor had been sold and the inpatient census was down to 470. Today, many of the buildings sit abandoned. The hospital still is operational, but on a much smaller scale.



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