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Abandoned Ghost Town Park

Ghost town in the sky opened in 1961 as a replica Wild West town and included sporadic gunfights breaking out in front of park visitors. At the height of the parks run, it attracted 400,000 visitors, according to the Charlotte Observer. It closed in 2002 and reopened multiple times over the next few years due to renovations, equipment failures, and bankruptcy issues.

The park temporarily closed following a devastating mudslide in 2010 that landed one of its then-managers in court. [1]

The 250-acre ghost town, located 150 miles northwest of Charlotte in Maggie Valley, is widely known partly because of the mishaps that have occurred there, but also because it is part Internet fad part of urban exploration. People visiting this place to take pictures and post on Instagram to gain followers and attention from others online.[2]

Today there are talks of it reopening, that remains to be seen.



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